‘ORTHODOX’, the term denotes not something traditional or customary rather the essential part to lead the life When we analyses the term literally we get,

  1. a) “Generally accepted belief or accepted as right or true”
  2. b) “Sound or correct in doctrine and conforming to the Christian faith as represented in the creeds of early church”.

The term derived from the words ‘Orthos’ means Pure or True and Doxa means Praise or Commendation.

Altogether when we take the terminology it means Right Faith. Then the term ORTHODOXY is the ‘state of being Orthodox’. Thus Orthodoxy reveals that we are the “Saints in Right Faith”.


Why we need a way of life?

‘God Wills what He is and is what He Wills’. But man is not what he is and is to be. ‘State of being’ is needed for man. Thus way of life is essential to acquire the state of being.

The Orthodox Faith is that way of life to acquire the state of being. It shows who the Man is and is to be. Through the Way of Orthodoxy one can realise Who He is. Orthodoxy reveals ;

*Man; The Saint

Bible especially epistles of St. Paul projects ‘Man as Saint’.

Firstly, the creation of Man by God teaches that Man is Saint for the Man becomes living being only after God breathed into the nostrils the Breath of Life. In other words Man gained life after ‘Breath of Life’.

Secondly, Jesus given  the apostles the power to;

  1. a) Purify the Body by curing the sick
  2. b) Purify the Soul/Mind through preaching gospel
  3. c) Purify the Spirit by power to expel the devil

and sent them which means  Man should be pure in Body, Soul and Spirit. This makes Man, The Saint.

After all to know the SANCTITY we need FAITH.

What you mean by ‘Breath of Life’ that brought the man to life. It is nothing but Faith which brings life to Man. This breath of life brought the Faith to life for man became a living being only after breath of life (Genesis2:7), means he became the man of Faith. Jesus himself told “whoever believes has eternal life….and will never die”(st.John6.47). If the reward of sin is death, reward for holiness is life. Thus breath of life is the FAITH.BREATH OF LIFE =FAITH.


Here Orthodoxy projects the nature of Man as TRUTH

*Man; The Truth

Though not similar to Jesus, Man is the Truth. To make it more clear,

  1. a) ‘do not swear at all…..let your word be Yes Yes or No, No’(St.Mathew 5:34). ‘Man is Truth’ made Jesus to proclaim this Word.
  2. b) He is the one, whom we can’t able to reveal fully. He can be called as a Mystery since we cannot know him fully even he himself doesn’t know. Thus ‘to know or feel that myself don’t know fully who am I? In such case even we can’t reveal the life of a person after death. Even the birth, marriage (Ephesians 5:32),and death of man can be called as Mystery.

We can’t predict  man’s mind. If so what is Truth?

Truth is nothing but the thing which we cannot prove through scientific experiments or other source.

Again to know TRUTH we need FAITH.

This reveals in the Gospel of St.Mark where Jesus Christ could do no deed of power due to their unbelief (st.mark.6:5).


‘THE WAY’ and ‘THE TRUTH’ gives us ‘THE LIFE’. Orthodoxy shows ‘The Way’ and ‘The Truth’ which gives us The Life. The teachings, preaching and the tradition of Orthodoxy provide us Life. Life in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Orthodoxy doesn’t consider any of God’s creation as irrelevant. Every creation has its own significance and the Orthodox Worship will project the beauty of the whole creation, teaches that even the minute creature is important to sustain life. Prayers of Orthodoxy plead to care, protect, tend and to conserve the nature and the creatures.

To sum up orthodoxy provides life not only to Humanity but to whole        Creatures. Thus we can conclude that;


                               THE LIFE TO LIVE”.

+Ajish Achen