The Samajam mainly aims at spiritual growth of women. The Holy Mother, St. Mary showed us a good example of supporting the Christian Ministry. By reading the Bible, we can see that St. Mary followed Jesus throughout His ministry, even to His death at the cross. The motto of the Samajam is “Pray, Act and Shine.” Jesus taught us to pray, asked us to help the needy and called us to be the “light of the world”. As Samajam members try to follow that in their daily life.

The Martha Mariam Samjam of our Church meets on every 3rd week of each month after the Holy Qurbana under the leadership of Vicar/ with the aim to develop the spiritual growth of its members and families as well as church. The main focus during the Samjam meeting is prayer, bible reading, bible study/speech and sharing messages.

Our motto is to PRAYER – ACT – SHINE (Prarthikkuka-Praverthikkua-Prakashikkuka).  

The Martha Mariam Samajam actively participates in all the spiritual activities undertaken by the Church in addition to the Christmas Program, Easter & Harvest Festival.

Secretaries: Elsy Sunil and GreeshmaBoban